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Organic Taupe

Promote the formation of collagen, and stablize colors. It can be used for blending the colors. Avoid redness.
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YD Organic Pigment (Taupe) helps promote collagen formation, providing long-lasting and stable color for a flawless blend. Its advanced formula minimizes redness, making it perfect for any skin type. Elevate your makeup game with this expert-approved organic pigment.


Brand: YD
Material: Organic Formula
Ingredient: Aqua, glycerin, propylene glycol
Volume: 12ml
Status: Liquid
Storage Condition: Keep in a cool place and away from light
Expiry Date: 3 years, 12 months after opening
Texture: Water-based
Usage: 20 clients/bottle
Retail Price: USD 18/pcs

Reasons to Choose YD Organic:

Fast Color:

Vibrant, long-lasting color that can be applied quickly and easily.
Excellent Retention:

Stays in the skin longer, reducing the need for frequent touch-ups.
High Saturation:

Bold, vivid, and eye-catching colors with high saturation.
Long-lasting Color:

Provides extended retention, with colors that stay vibrant for 3-5 years.
Superior Performance:

Consistent, reliable, and suitable for all skill levels, ensuring superior performance.
Stunning Results:

Creates beautiful, high-quality art that stands out and leaves stunning results.
Trusted Brand:

YD is a trusted brand known for high-quality products and customer satisfaction.