Organic Liquid Pigment 6ML
Organic Liquid Pigment 6ML
Organic Liquid Pigment 6ML
Organic Liquid Pigment 6ML
Organic Liquid Pigment 6ML
Organic Liquid Pigment 6ML
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Organic Liquid Pigment 6ML

Only suitable for machine use, very rich color
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True Black
Black Brown
Dark Brown
Light Brown
Deep Brown
Golden Brown
Pace Brown
Dark Ash Brown
Ash Brown
Natural Gray
LC Taupe
LC Pace Brown
LC Golden Brown
Special Red
Warm Red
Brick Red
Rose-petal Pink
Poppy Red
Bright Red
Rose Red
Violet Red(Purple)
Hot Pink
Bright Orange
Fresh Orange
Green Brown
Neutral Flesh
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Permanent Makeup Ink is a form of cosmetic tattoo pigment, which is also called pmu ink or permanent makeup pigment. This type of ink is used for PMU machine work. The characteristic of color powder make the color be semi-permanent possible. You can find eyebrow, eyeliner, lip, areola, scalp colors in the ink series. It retains for about 2 years. No need touch-up after the procedure.



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Ingredients: Aqua,Propylene Glycol,Hamamelis Virginiana Leaf Extract.

Standard: 6ML/BOTTLE


Status: Liquid

Certificate: CE, Test Report, MSDS for each color can be offered.


Professional for digital permanent makeup machine use
3D Natural-looking and 45 colors for choices
High quality tattoo ink,will never change another color.
Pigment is sterile with the highest quality, safer and healthy.
CE, MSDS, Test Reports all available
Dust-free workshop
Nano-molecule, strong penetration, fast coloring, good color retention

Shake well before use.

How do you choose the right pigment for microblading?

Color for lip microblading pigment can also be determined based on the warmth (tone) of a client's skin. The three main categories are: pale and rosy, olive and tan, or deep-hued and dark. Depending on these warmth levels, your ideal eyebrow color can be determined by a color palette.


The principle of cold and warm color has a close relationship with semi-permanent tattoo.

Permanent Makeup artists, have you experienced a problem: the same color is done on the practice skin but not the same color on the skin? Why does the eyebrows turn red and gray when the scab is gone in the late stage?

This is because the human skin is not a piece of white paper. The colorants we use are also cold and warm, and the skin is also warm and cold, so we have to consider these factors when we match colors.


Human skin color can be divided into two levels:

Skin color (deep, light)

Tone (warm, cold)

Warm color:

Warm-colored people's body color is mainly yellow.

The skin is mostly ivory, golden yellow.

Cold colors :

The body color of the Cold color is mainly blue.

The skin is mostly pink, blue, dark purple and taupe。


Skin tone test method:

Method 1: Check your blood vessels. The color of the blood vessels can be seen through the skin around the wrists, elbows, and temples.

If your blood vessels are olive or green, then you are a warm-toned complexion.
If your blood vessels are obviously blue, then your skin tone is Cold.
If you can't tell the difference, then it's very likely that you have both, which is a midtone.
Skin tone test method

Method 2: Picture testing.

Put your hand on the picture on the right. If the skin is close to the skin color on the right side, you are warm.

If it is closer to the pink on the left, you are a cold color.

Skin tone test method

Method 3: Skin reaction to sunlight.

Look at the reaction of your skin after sun exposure. People with a cold complexion are easily sunburned, while people with a warm complexion are not prone to sunburn, but are prone to tanning.

Other methods include: gold and silver jewelry testing, white paper testing, and more.


Now we can identify the color of the customer's skin. How do we choose a color that suits the customer?

We need to know the warmth of the color we use. First we need to know the base of our colors.

Every pigment brand should have warm color, cold color, and neutral color. But many brands and distributors don’t know much about the knowledge of the colors. So the eyebrows turn to red and blue easily.


We use red translucent film to represent warm skin and blue translucent film to represent cold skin

Cold tones + cold colors = gray, dark, blue!

Warm-toned skin + warm color = reddish!

Eyebrow color = pigment color + skin color + skin tone!


The liquid dry very fast on the paper and have shiny illumination on the color surface. Semi cream dry slowly on the paper. It is sticky. And oil shiny on the color surface. Because the milky viscosity is greater, it is easy to attach to the gap between the needles,so it is goof for micro blade operation. However, the liquid colorant is too fluid and does not adhere well to the needle, so it is difficult to operate with a blade and better for PMU machine operation.That is why we suggest liquid used for machine and semi cream used for microblading.

The liquid colors dissolve in the water quickly. All the colors blend with the water.Clear water immediately become the color of ink we just drop. Because they are water-based pigments. They are used for machine work. The color series includes, eyebrow, eyeliner, lips, areola and scalp.if you want to know more about this pigment line,you can also contact us.


I have a customer with oil skin,what type of pigment should I use?

For oil skin type, we suggest you use liquid, and for oil skin type, if skin too oil, we don’t suggest do hairstrokes, just shading or ombre eyebrows are better, as if do hairstrokes, when colors blend with oil,the strokes are easy to halo.and liquid color can last longer, coloring better than semi cream.

Chromatic dispersion

Black Series:

CTPM001YD: Bright Black, faster coloring.
CTPM002YD: True Black, darkest black for careful application.
Eyebrow Colors:

CTPM006YD: Black Brown, for strokes and darker power brows.
CTPM007YD: Dark Brown, universal color for dark brown hair.
CTPM008YD: Brown, red-based, suitable for white skin.
CTPM009YD: Light Brown, used for shading or small strokes.
Brown Variations:

CTPM010YD: Deep Brown, yellow-based, great for mixing.
CTPM011YD: Espresso, between Dark Brown and Deep Brown.
CTPM012YD: Golden Brown, universal color, yellow and ash-based.
CTPM013YD: Pace Brown, yellow-based, good for white skin.
Ash Brown Series:

CTPM014YD: Dark Ash Brown, ash-based, suitable for powder brow.
CTPM015YD: Ash Brown, ash-based, for soft strokes on white skin.
Other Eyebrow Colors:

CTPM016YD: Natural Gray, used for base shading.
CTPM041YD: Pecan, neutral light brown for nano stroke and shade.
CTPM042YD: Syrup, neutral, medium brown ideal for individual hair strokes.
CTPM043YD: Brunette, neutral, dark brown ideal for individual hair strokes.
CTPM044YD: Cedar, neutral brown with a slight green undertone.
CTPM045YD: Hickory, neutral brown with a light gray undertone.
Lip Colors:

Various shades from Peach to Bright Red, Magenta, Rose Red, Purple, etc.
CTPM035YD: Yellow, universal for modifying and brightening lips.
CTPM036YD: White, adjusts darkness of colors, covers, or modifies.
CTPM037YD: Sepia, cool darkest brown for eyeliner and men's brows.
Correction and Modifying Colors:

CTPM031YD: Taupe, promotes collagen, stabilizes colors.
CTPM032YD: Maroon, corrects blue brows.
CTPM033YD: Green Brown, corrects red brows and base shading.
CTPM034YD: Neutral Flesh, light flesh color, for correction and coverage.
CTPM039YD: LC Pace Brown, lighter than Pace Brown, used for soft strokes.
CTPM040YD: LC Golden Brown, lighter than Golden Brown, universal and natural.
How to start your brand pigment?

Find right pigment status, liquid, semi cream, or cream.
Choose the right color series for your brand.
Write down the colors name to get sample  to try.
Choose the bottle design and size, get MOQ and QUOTE
Confirm the pigment order.
Send the logo to get label and box design.
Ready to production in 15 days.
Deliver to door in 10 days.