NEO Lip Pigment Sample 6ML
NEO Lip Pigment Sample 6ML
NEO Lip Pigment Sample 6ML
NEO Lip Pigment Sample 6ML
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NEO Lip Pigment Sample 6ML

One collection meets all the needs of a salon
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246 Soft White
253 Light Coral
015 Lemon Yellow
200 Orange Burst
301 Redwood
036 Ouba Pink
284 Pale Orange
346 Milk Orange
206 Light Pink
012 Barbie Pink
199 Lotus
202 Raspberry
209 Pink Orange
197 Grapefruit
201 Hawthorn Red
281 Superb Red
338 Blaze Red
339 Cherry Blush
198 Diamond Red
345 Bordeaux
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1) contains a small amount of oil, not easy to dry.

2) high color saturation, good color rendering effect.

3) bright colors, brighten the lip color.

4) A full range of colors, in line with the aesthetics of young people.

 Color Description 

Soft White N Lip Color Mixer: For blending lip pigments, not for standalone use.
Light Coral C Dark Lip Brightener: Ideal for lightening dark or heavily pigmented lips. Can be used to lighten or add pink tones.
Lemon Yellow W Lip Enhancer: Enhances lips with rich and bold hues, especially striking with red tones.
Barbie Pink C Vibrant Lips Partner: Perfect for mixing with red tones, creating bold, purple-hued lips.
Redwood W Depth Adjuster: Used to deepen violet-red lip colors, commonly for inner lip shading.
Pale Orange W Black Base Corrector: Specifically designed for transforming dark brown lips.
Milk Orange C Dark Brown Base Corrector: Suitable for improving lips with dark brown undertones.
Superb Red W Vivid Red Hue: Suitable for those who prefer bold looks and can be used as the target color for lightly darkened lips.
Blaze Red W Pure Red Shade: Ideal for clients who love a strong makeup look and desire a high-end finish.
Cherry Blush C Bright Red Tones: Perfect for clients who prefer a noticeable makeup appearance; it works well for full lips and can be blended with a touch of a darker shade for inner lip color.
Bordeaux C Deep Red Hues: Recommended for clients who want well-defined facial features and exude a mature aura.
Ouba Pink C Radiant Pink Series: Suited for fair-skinned clients, this shade can be mixed with any red hue to create rich and vibrant colors.
Grapefruit W Orange-Red Tones: Ideal for clients who prefer a natural and warm lip color.
Diamond Red W Deep Crimson Shade: Suitable for mature women who love bold red lip looks.
Lotus C Fair Skin with Rosy Lips: Perfect for clients with fair skin and naturally rosy lips.
Orange Burst W Transforming Dark Lips to Warm Shades: Recommended for clients who want to convert dark or cool-toned lips to warm, natural lip makeup.
Hawthorn Red W Versatile All-Purpose Shade: Can be used as a target color or to lighten slightly darkened lips, suitable for a wide range of clients, and considered an all-time favorite.
Light Pink C Lighten for Pale Lips: Suited for clients with pale lips as a target color, embraces trendy colors ideal for youthful and fashionable customers.
Pink Orange W Brighten Lightly Darkened Lips: Perfect for clients who desire a natural look, particularly those with normally light and rosy lip bases.
Raspberry C For Normal to Graying Lip Base: Suitable for clients with lips that are naturally light or graying in color.
Flame Red C For Dark Lips or Darker Lip Base: Suitable for clients with darker skin tones or lips, often used as a target color for transforming dark lips.
Ruby Red C In the Cool Red Color Range: Ideal for clients with cooler, fair skin tones, especially those with a fashionable taste.
HC Briliant Red W In the Warm Red Color Range: Perfect for clients who prefer bright and vibrant red shades.
HC Fire Red C In the Pure Red Color Range: Suitable for clients who desire bold makeup and for use in the lip's wet area.


Ingredients: Aqua,Glycerin,Propylene glycol,Hamamelis Virginiana Leaf Extract. 
MSDS for each color can be offered.
Size: 12ml/bottle