Microblading Brow Paste
Microblading Brow Paste
Microblading Brow Paste
Microblading Brow Paste
Microblading Brow Paste
Microblading Brow Paste
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Microblading Brow Paste

Microblading Brow Paste: Effortless symmetry, versatile use, easy application, high-quality formula. Perfect brows every time! ✨
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Product Name    Microblading Brow Paste
Usage    Permanent Makeup Brows and Lips Position
Function    Eyebrow Lips Design and Outline
Color    White;Dark Skin;Light Skin
Advantage    Microblading Eyebrow & Lips Outline Tools
Size    5.5*2*5.8CM
Weight    14G

BROW SHAPING AND MAPPING: Essential before eyebrow dyeing! Our Brow Paste is snow white, which means you can create a perfect symmetric shape without using a pen.
SALON & HOME: This allows you to create a flawless clear eyebrow contour according to individual points on the face and fix it by applying a paste. The staining area remains inside the contour. The paste shows the client the eyebrow shape, providing the opportunity for correcting and receiving the perfect result.
EASY TO USE: Apply a small amount of paste with a brush along the contour of the planned shape, leaving the eyebrow itself and the skin areas, which are also supposed to be colored inside. Extremely easy to wash off after coloring.
HIGH QUALITY: Soft and smooth texture, non-fat cream consistency, easily sits on skin & suitable for every skin type.

Product Overview:
Introducing the Microblading Brow Paste, an essential tool for precision and perfection in the world of permanent makeup. This innovative product is designed to streamline the brow shaping and mapping process, ensuring flawless eyebrow contouring and design. Whether you're a professional artist or a beauty enthusiast, this Brow Paste is a must-have addition to your permanent makeup toolkit.

Key Features:
Brow Shaping and Mapping: The Microblading Brow Paste is an indispensable step before eyebrow dyeing. It comes in a snow-white color, allowing you to effortlessly create a perfectly symmetric shape without the need for a traditional pen. This means precise and consistent brow contours every time.

Salon & Home Use: This versatile product is suitable for both professional salons and home use. It empowers you to create a clear and impeccable eyebrow contour by marking individual points on the face and securing them with the paste. The colored area remains within this contour, providing a visual guide for clients and a basis for corrections, ultimately delivering the perfect result.

Ease of Application: Applying the Brow Paste is a breeze. Simply use a small amount of paste and a brush to trace along the planned shape's contour. Leave the brow itself and the areas of skin that will be colored inside the contour. After the coloring process, the paste can be easily washed off. This convenience ensures a smooth and efficient workflow.

High-Quality Formula: The Microblading Brow Paste boasts a soft and smooth texture with a non-greasy, cream-like consistency. It adheres seamlessly to the skin and is suitable for all skin types. The quality of the paste ensures optimal results and client satisfaction.

Why Choose This Product:
The Microblading Brow Paste is a game-changing tool for anyone involved in permanent makeup, from professionals working in salons to individuals practicing at home. Its innovative snow-white color allows for precise and symmetrical eyebrow shaping without the need for additional tools. This paste serves as a visual guide for clients, ensuring that the eyebrow design is well-defined and corrections can be made for a flawless outcome.

The ease of application, coupled with the high-quality formula suitable for all skin types, makes this Brow Paste an invaluable addition to your permanent makeup supplies. Choose the Microblading Brow Paste for an enhanced and efficient brow shaping and mapping experience that sets the stage for perfect results every time.