Micro Pigments Sample 6ML
 Micro Pigments Sample 6ML
 Micro Pigments Sample 6ML
 Micro Pigments Sample 6ML
 Micro Pigments Sample 6ML
 Micro Pigments Sample 6ML
 Micro Pigments Sample 6ML
 Micro Pigments Sample 6ML
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Micro Pigments Sample 6ML

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Jet Black
Warm Black
Dream Brown
Black Brown
Dark Brown
Brunet Brown
Lucky Brown
Dark Ash Brown
Ash Brown
Light Ash Brown
Rich Gray
Deep Brown
Milky Brown
Honey Brown
Nude Rose(C1)
Nude Blush (C2)
Nude Pink (C3)
Kiss Me
Nude Bronze(C5)
Hot Orange(Y)
Melon Orange(Y)
Sweet Cherry(Y)
Light Coral(Y)
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$10.00 USD each

Product Parameter:

Status: Semi Cream
Ingredients: Aqua, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Witch Hazel.
Standard: 6ML/BOTTLE
Certificate: CE, Test Report, MSDS for each color can be offered.

Shake well before use. 

When operating, the depth of the needle into the skin should not be too deep. 
The angle of the needle should be vertical to the skin. Then would not turn blue.
And this is an actually permanent makeup it's just creating little dots to fill in the gaps in between your lashes. And it's just to make your eyes pop. It's not to look like you have eyeliner on.

Product Advantages:
1.Adopt with pure plant materials, do not contain metal ingredient
2.The quality has reached medical standard
3.Never change color or fade
4.Small and thick package can prevent damage in transportation
5.With Titanium dioxide, can reduce the discoloration caused by Ultraviolet(uv)
6.The texture is fine, the color saturation is high, 
7.The stability is good, and the color is uniform. 
8.Both for PMU Machines and manual pens use

Jet Black    Suitable for eyeliner, with a black base that's both dark and lustrous
Warm Black    Suitable for eyeliner, featuring a black base, making it perfect for those like matt black.
Dream Brown    This shade is the top choice for men with darker or thicker eyebrows, whether using a machine or manual techniques
Black Brown    Versatile for both machine and manual techniques, it's excellent for individuals with darker skin tones and hair
Dark Brown     With a slightly red base, this color can be mixed with cool yellow or gray shades for the desired effect
Brunet Brown    A universal shade within the coffee color range, it's suitable for a wide range of skin types, with long-lasting color stability and no redness
Lucky Brown    Ideal for clients with darker skin tones, it complements European and American cool-toned complexions
Chocolate    Closely resembling the natural hair color of Asians, this shade can be customized with touches of warm yellow or dark coffee to achieve the desired look
Dark Ash Brown    Deepest in the gray-brown range, perfect for fine lines and shading.
Ash Brown    Inventive and versatile, this shade transitions from deep gray to light with a touch of pink, ideal for fashion-forward, charming individuals.
Light Ash Brown    A light coffee with a slight yellow undertone, great for base shading and fine strokes for dimension.
Rich Gray    Soft and natural, the light gray serves as an ideal base for subtle ombre eyebrows on fair skin.
Deep Brown    Deep brown with a grayish-yellow undertone, a versatile, natural coffee shade.
Milky Brown    A light, yellow-leaning coffee suitable for direct use and blending.
Honey Brown    Yellow-brown base shade, akin to Asian skin tones, suitable for brow blending, base, and color balancing.
MAROON    An essential assistive shade for eyebrows, ideal for correcting blue brows. Just apply it to achieve a soft, natural look.
HAZEL KHAKI    A crucial brow assistive color for modifying red brows, base coating, and color transformation.
TAUPE    Tawny yellow acts as a color balancer, promotes collagen formation, and stabilizes pigments for color correction and redness prevention.
PALE FLESH    Ideal for post-procedure color adjustment and concealing, this shade effectively balances and can be used near the lip edge.
Nude Rose(C1)    NEUTRAL undertone. Preferred by fair-skinned individuals who prefer a subtle lip color.
Nude Blush (C2)    COOL undertone. Adds brightness and a pinkish touch. Suitable for young individuals with fair skin. Can also be used for areolas.
Nude  Pink (C3)    COOL undertone. Suitable for lip contours and gradient lips. Ideal for young individuals with fair skin.
Kiss Me    NEUTRAL undertone. Rose red base color, suitable for females aged 20 to 30 with deeper skin tones. Creates charming and cute lips.
Pink    COOL undertone. Delicate pink with a slightly reddish undertone. Full and watery color.
PURE YELLOW(Y)    WARM undertone. Used for lip color modification, neutralizing rosy lips, and adding brightness and fullness to the color, making the lips more vibrant and lively.
MAGIC PINK    COOL undertone. Suitable for nude lips, correcting dark lips and areolas. Can also be used to lighten blue eyebrows or dark-colored eyebrows. Can be used as a base or to mix with other lip colors from different brands.
FRESH ORANGE(Y)    WARM undertone. Used for darkened or dark lips and for eyebrow modification. Can be used directly or for blending to achieve a healthy and delicate lip color.
Nude Bronze(C5)    WARM undertone. Suitable for warm-toned skin and yellowish skin tones.
 RED PEPPER(Y)    A vibrant and pure red color suitable for anyone. Can be used alone or in combination with other colors.
Hot Orange(Y)    WARM undertone. High-concentration orange highlighting factor for enhancing slightly dark lips with a high-intensity glossy effect. Can also be used as a target color.
 Melon Orange(Y)    WARM undertone. More orange, less pink in the base color. Can be used as a target color for lightening slightly dark lips. Suitable for young and lively girls.
Sweet Cherry(Y)    COOL undertone. More pink, less orange in the base color. Suitable for cool-toned fair skin, young girls.
Burgundy(Y)    COOL undertone. The base color is a tender purple, not suitable for use on very dark lips. Suitable for achieving a universal healthy lip color or for individuals with fair lips. Gives a sense of whiteness, high-end, and fashion.
Light Coral(Y)    COOL undertone. It is essential for lightening dark lips or areolas.