Lip Isolation Film
Lip Isolation Film
Lip Isolation Film
Lip Isolation Film
Lip Isolation Film
Lip Isolation Film
Lip Isolation Film
Lip Isolation Film
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Lip Isolation Film

💋🛡️ The mouth isolation pad is more than just a tool; it's a dedicated ally in ensuring the well-being and safety of users during lip tattoo surgery.
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Product Code:CTA171
Product material: PE combined with viscose fiber cotton
Size:10.5*7.6*2.7CM  ;   30PCS/BOX

How to use :
1. Fold in half first
2. Teeth bite the folded surface up and down to the middle of the gums and lips

1. Convenient, no cutting, easy to carry
2. Solve the problem of soreness and numbness in the mouth of customers caused by traditional cotton pads, and enhance the comfort of the mouth
3. PE combined with viscose fiber cotton can effectively isolate the coloring material and relieve internal flow problems

Enhanced Safety for Users:
The mouth isolation pad is meticulously designed to prioritize the safety of users during lip tattoo surgery. Crafted from medical-grade materials, it ensures a secure barrier against external contaminants.

Comfortable Medical-Grade Construction:
Made from soft, stretchable, and waterproof medical-grade materials, the pad not only prioritizes safety but also guarantees a comfortable experience for users throughout the procedure.

Optimal Contamination Prevention:
Acting as a reliable barrier, the oral isolation pad effectively prevents saliva, bacteria, and contaminants around the lips from entering the surgical field. This meticulous prevention reduces infection risks significantly.

Improved Visibility and Control:
Beyond safety, the isolation pad contributes to enhanced operative visibility, providing the practitioner with better control over the procedure. This ensures precision and accuracy in the application of lip tattoos.

User-Focused Risk Reduction:
With its user-centric design, the pad is instrumental in reducing the risk of infections post-surgery. This emphasizes its commitment to prioritizing the well-being of individuals undergoing lip tattoo procedures.

Compliance with Stringent Safety Standards:
The use of medical-grade materials underscores the commitment to compliance with stringent safety standards, reinforcing the importance of choosing tools that prioritize user safety in both medical and cosmetic contexts.