Eyebrow Wax Pro
Eyebrow Wax Pro
Eyebrow Wax Pro
Eyebrow Wax Pro
Eyebrow Wax Pro
Eyebrow Wax Pro
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Eyebrow Wax Pro

Achieving perfectly groomed brows has never been easier - simply apply the wax, comb and lay your brow hairs with a clean tool for a flawless finish!
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Product Name:Eyebrow Wax Pro

Product Code:RE001

Size: 30ml/pc

Ingredient:water,ceteareth-40,ceteareth-20,peg-12,fragrance,prickly ash extract, forsythia extract, vitamine, jojba oil, beeswax.

Application: Apply eye-brow wax, comb and lay. hairs.

work with a clean tool.


Our Brow Tattoo Wax is a clear, creamy product that is petroleum jelly and alcohol free and suitable for all skin types including oily, combination, sensitive, dry and normal skin.


No vaseline and alcohol ingredients, no irritation to the skin, safe to use.

The transparent texture will not affect the brow color when applied, ensuring that the brow color and shape are maintained.

Suitable for various skin types, convenient for users to choose.


Easy to use, the eyebrows can be tidied up before tattooing, and the eyebrows can be kept in shape for a long time after use, saving users the time and trouble of regular maintenance.

The transparent texture of the product can ensure that the color and shape of eyebrows can be maintained during use, making users more confident and beautiful.


We believe that everyone wants to have a confident and beautiful appearance, and tattoo eyebrow wax can help you achieve this goal easily. Using our products, you can save yourself a lot of trouble and make yourself more beautiful and confident.


  1. Shave off the excess eyebrows frist with an eyeybrow trimmer
  2. Use the eyebrow brush to apply this product to the eyebrows
  3. Comb the eyebrows, note that the direction of application is opposite to the direction of eyebrow growth
  4. After combing, the paste will dry quickly in about 20 secounds, and the eyebrows will feel slight hard to the touch