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Eyebrow Patches
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Eyebrow Patches

Permanent makeup numbing cream is a local anesthetic used before permanent make-up (such as tattoos, eyebrow and eyeliner tattoos) to reduce pain and discomfort during the procedure. It is typically used on skin areas requiring anesthesia for tattoos, beauty surgery, and other permanent make-up procedures to help clients better accept these procedures.
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Pain relief: Permanent makeup numbing cream can reduce pain and discomfort when performing permanent makeup (such as tattoos, eyebrow tattoos, eyeliner tattoos, etc.)


Less discomfort: The local anesthetic in Permanent makeup numbing cream suppresses sensations on the nerve endings, reducing discomfort during the procedure.


Improved tolerance: Permanent makeup numbing cream can significantly reduce pain and discomfort during the procedure, thereby increasing customer tolerance and satisfaction.


Convenient and fast: Permanent makeup numbing cream is convenient and fast to use, it can be applied to the skin area that needs anesthesia before makeup or operation, no special tools or waiting time required.


Safe and reliable: Permanent makeup numbing cream has safe ingredients, does not contain harmful substances, is not easy to cause allergic reactions, and is safe and reliable for customers' skin.




1. Apply process:

Clean carefully operation parts before surgery, and directly applied to the skin surface to maintain a certain thickness.

  1. Cover the cream:

Sealed with a medical film. Keep the edge sealed to ensure that can not leak.

  1. Record time:

Record time with film on to always keep the cream is complete, can not touch.

  1. Removeand clean:

Before the next procedure, remove the film and cream quickly. Clean up all the medication area, and then proceed to the next procedure.

  1. Effect guarantee time:

The effect time is related with the thickness and waiting time of the ointment. The thicker and longer it coats,  the longer retention time is. 25-45 minutes for waiting time. The pain killer can be maintained for 2-4 hours.


1.Use immediately after opening, epinephrine turns brown after being exposed to air
2.Do not use if you suffer from any  

medical conditions,such as: heart disease, diabetes. or any skin diseases.
3.Keep away from the eyes and any sensitive areas.Do not swallow and only use externally. 

4.Keep at room temperature and keep away from fire.

5.Protect from light.Do not freeze. Keep out of reach of children. Puncture nozzle seal with piercing Point of cap. Re-cap cap after use. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY



Dosage: As directed by the Physician
Composition: Lidocaine B.P.25% w/w Cream Base Q.S