Deep Red-YD POWDER Liquid Pigment
Deep Red-YD POWDER Liquid Pigment
Deep Red-YD POWDER Liquid Pigment
Deep Red-YD POWDER Liquid Pigment
Deep Red-YD POWDER Liquid Pigment
Deep Red-YD POWDER Liquid Pigment
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Deep Red-YD POWDER Liquid Pigment

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Deep Red
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Name:YD POWDER Liquid Pigment---Deep Red  

Color description: Cold deep red, suitable for mature women who like red lips.

Ingredients: Aqua,Glycerin,Propylene glycol,Hamamelis Virginiana Leaf Extract. 
MSDS for each color can be offered.

Size: 12ml/bottle

What is Powder Pigment?

Powder pigment, also called saturated Pigment, is a blend of pigment powder and liquid solvent, comprising both organic and inorganic components. It is in liquid form, consisting of medium-sized particles, and provides a natural, grainy, and sandy texture. Suitable for eyeliner, eyebrows, scalp, lips, and areola.

What are the Characteristics of Powder Pigment?

  1. Liquid state, suitable for machine operation.
  2. Medium-sized particles, non-smudging, quick color rendering.
  3. Combination of organic and inorganic components.
  4. High saturation.
  5. Matte finish.
  6. High coverage.
  7. Wide range from dark to light.

Why Choose Powder Pigment?

  1. What you see is what you get: quick color rendering.
  2. Grainy texture for a natural makeup effect.
  3. Organic and inorganic mixed formula: natural fading, no red or blue shifts.
  4. Duration of color retention: 2-4 years.

Powder Pigment VS Water-based VS Oil-based

  1. Powder vs. Water-based: Slower coloring than water-based, non-smudging, shorter color retention, richer colors than water-based, with light brown hues. Grainy texture in later stages, no blue shift in fading. Lip colors render faster, no color return period.
  2. Powder vs. Oil-based: Faster coloring than oil-based, longer color retention, no red shifts in fading, liquid state more suitable for machine operation.