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 Introducing the 2023 Pink Crystal Universal Cartridge – A Revolution in PMU Technolog

Nov 21,2023 | Charmingtattooshop

Key Selling Points:

Enhanced Ink Storage Capacity: The cartridge can store over 100% more ink, plus an additional 20%, ensuring longer usage without the need for frequent refills.

Ultimate Needle Stability: Experience the most stable needle in the industry, specifically designed to provide precision and control in every stroke.

Strength Designed for PMU: Built to withstand the demands of professional PMU applications, offering durability and reliability.

Unique Features:

Waterdrop Shaped Vent: This innovative design ensures optimal airflow, enhancing needle stability and ink flow.

Long Trumpet Nozzle: The extended nozzle design allows for better visibility and precision in ink application.

Square Actuator: An ergonomic feature that ensures smooth and consistent needle movement.

306 Stainless Steel Construction: Premium quality material for enhanced strength and corrosion resistance.

Bevel Needle Tip: Precision-engineered for the utmost accuracy and minimal skin trauma.

15 lbs Silicone Spring: Provides the perfect balance of flexibility and resistance, enabling smooth needle movement.

The Pink Crystal Universal Cartridge is more than just a tool; it's a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation in the PMU industry. We believe it will significantly enhance your work, offering unmatched precision, stability, and efficiency.